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Free Service Appreciation
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Alberta Equine ...On-Line: Free Service Appreciation

Canada Equine ...On-Line has been operating as a non-subscription service since 1995. It is free for our visitors to enjoy all the content and information within! Our desire today, as it was in 1995, is to get horse information out to the broadest audience with the least impact on the environment. For that reason, we have nothing in print to sell.

Many of the services we provide are free services (such as the Wanted classified ads, the Photo Gallery, Events Schedule, Equinely-Inclined! audio podcast and all content). Often visitors have contacted us wanting to contribute financially to the operation of the site as they know it takes a considerable financial dedication to keep it running. Some have followed up on this by sending cheques to help defray costs; a big Thank You!! to those who have contributed in this manner. We appreciate these contributions and put them towards making the site even better. :o)

We have now established this page to make it easier for anyone who enjoys the free services on this site to contribute to its operation via PayPal (including payments by credit card).

No PayPal account is required in order to make a contribution. Simply choose one of the following options and follow the instructions on the PayPal site.

We thank you in advance and look forward to putting your contribution to good use by making the site even better!

Sylvia Schneider
Publisher, Canada Equine ...On-Line
Executive Director, Pondside Digital Media Inc.
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