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Health - First Aid/Horse Care Products

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    Basic Sports and Equine Nutrition
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    Full line of overall health care - specialty care products,
    including top of the line joint supplements.
    NEW and Innovative formulations.
    Something for all horses of any discipline, young or old!
    Tel 1-888-207-8909
    Dealer Inquiries Welcome

    Hoof and Nail Farrier Supplies Ltd.
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    Donna and Tom Collins
    #3, 343 Forge Road S. E.
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 0S9
    Tel.(403) 252-1661 Fax.(403) 255-1763
    All the Supplies You Need to
    Get the Horse Done!
    Complete line of Professional Choice products

    Horse Sense Herbs Ltd.
    Chinese Herbal Formulas for Horses
    Box 1048
    Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
    T1S 1B1
    To order call 1-800-434-3727
    Ph: (403) 938-0701 Fax: (403) 938-0762
    Ancient Chinese herbal formulas for lameness, injuries in tendons, bones, colic,
    stamina, vitality, fertility, allergies, respiratory stress, and worm, parasite infestation.
    Consultation en Franšais pour votre convenience.

    Ice Horse« - www.mackinnonicehorse.com
    Cold/Heat Therapy Products
    Injury Prevention and Treatment
    for tendons, hock, fetlock, pasterns
    MacKinnon Inc.
    San Diego, California, USA
    Toll Free: 1-800-786-6633
    Tendon wraps, Evendura, Knee to ankle wrap
    Hock wrap, Big black boot, First+ice« replacement inserts
    Ice horse« continuous flow hydrotherapy

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