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Nutrition - Feed Supplements

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    ALFA TEC Products
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    Makers of High-Quality Cubes and Pellets
    Legal Alfalfa Products Ltd.
    Legal, Alberta, Canada
    Phone: 780-961-3958 Toll Free: 1-877-253-2832
    Call us directly for feeding information and a distributor near you.
    Not just for horses anymore!
    ALFA TEC Products can be fed to a wide range of animals
    including horses, donkeys, ponies, cattle, sheep, goats,
    llamas, alpacas, elk, deer . . . and the list goes on!

    Basic Sports and Equine Nutrition
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    Full line of overall health care - specialty care products,
    including top of the line joint supplements.
    NEW and Innovative formulations.
    Something for all horses of any discipline, young or old!
    Tel 1-888-207-8909
    Dealer Inquiries Welcome

    Equine Nutrition
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    Quality horse mineral products that you can
    depend on for potency and purity.
    We will supply you with the highest quality products
    possible for nutrition, performance and endurance.
    Balanced Glycogen * Bone & Joint Function
    Functions of the gut * Healthy Cartilage
    Lung & Respiratory * Oxygen Utilization * Mare
    Care Performance * Relax & Calm Muscles
    Check our website to order and find more info

    Horse Sense Herbs Ltd.
    Chinese Herbal Formulas for Horses
    Box 1048
    Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
    T1S 1B1
    To order call 1-800-434-3727
    Ph: (403) 938-0701 Fax: (403) 938-0762
    Ancient Chinese herbal formulas for lameness, injuries in tendons, bones, colic,
    stamina, vitality, fertility, allergies, respiratory stress, and worm, parasite infestation.
    Consultation en Franšais pour votre convenience.

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