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Are you a Canadian company?

Yes. The Canada Equine ...On-Line network of sites is owned and operated by a privately held company, Pondside Digital Media Inc., located in Sherwood Park, Alberta. We are proud to be Canadian!

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How long have you been on the Internet?

We have been providing services to the equine community since 1995 and started originally as Alberta Equine ...On-Line. The original site was a subset of the pondside.com domain and was located at www.pondside.com/aeonline/.

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Are you available all over Canada/US/World...?

Yes. The Canada Equine ...On-Line network of sites is available to anyone, anywhere, with an Internet connection. We do not block IP addresses. Over the years we have had visitors from as far away as Africa, Australia, Czech Republic, England, France and many, many places in between. We’ve even had visits from military personnel stationed on the ocean! In fact, we have paying customers from Czech Republic and France and have a very interesting story about a visitor from Africa we paired with a dressage instructor in St. Albert, Alberta for dressage lessons while she was on vacation in Canada!

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