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Frequently Asked Questions : Classifieds



Does my e-mail address have to appear in my ad?

For our customers' privacy, we NEVER post their e-mail address in the classified ad section. The e-mail address is in a contact form so anyone wanting to inquire about your ad will not see your e-mail address but WILL be able to e-mail you through the form. Remember that if you receive an e-mail inquiry to your ad that is suspicious in any way, do NOT reply as the scammer doesn't have your e-mail address until you do reply.

I keep hearing about scammers that try to take goods or money or obtain personal information from classified ad customers... How would I know if one of these is contacting me?

It's unfortunate that scammers make things difficult for the rest of us. Clues that indicate a scammer is contacting you:

  1. The e-mail is in ALL CAPS (watch for other indicators though... some people just seem to like all caps)
  2. The inquirer uses words like 'saw your advert', 'item for sale' 'hear back from you soonest'
  3. The inquirer wants to know 'last asking price' and offers to pay by 'cashier's check'
  4. The inquirer wants to know 'present condition' and offers to 'take care of the shipment'

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What should I do if a scammer contacts me?

If you are contacted by a scammer:

  1. Ignore the inquiry – do not respond in any manner, not by e-mail and not by phone.
  2. Optionally, you can copy all of the information in the e-mail sent to you by the scammer (make sure to copy the header information as well) and send it in an e-mail to us. Do NOT forward the e-mail as any important header information, necessary for tracking, will be gone by the time it gets to us.

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What would cause a delay with my classified ad being posted?

Classified ads are usually posted the same day they are received. If yours is not showing up, it could be due to a few different reasons:

  1. Paying by Cheque: If you used the Pay by Cheque method, your ad will not show up until we receive your cheque.
  2. Paying by PayPal eCheck: At the end of the classified ad process when you are directed to PayPal for payment, the quickest method for payment is to use a credit card payment through PayPal. If you choose to pay via PayPal's eCheck service or are misdirected to it, confirmation of the approved payment will not come through to us from PayPal for at least 10 days. Your ad is not posted until we receive payment confirmation.
  3. Not Adhering to Policies: Our policy is to only post one horse/saddle, etc. per single paid ad (see exceptions); if you tried to add two or more horses with details, separate prices, etc. (again, see exceptions) in one ad, your ad will not be posted.
  4. Perhaps we're overwhelmed with ad submissions.
  5. Perhaps we're away; please check at the top of the site or the contact page for a link to 'schedule' information.
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I put in two ads at one time but I didn't get my second ad at a reduced Price!!

That's because you entered the ad in a completely different 'session' resulting in a separate invoice; you didn't use the 'Add another ad' button during the course of creating and submitting your ads.

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Can't you just give me the second ad at the reduced rate anyway?

No, but let us explain... Back in the 'good old days' when Sylvia handled all aspects of the site personally, she could do this. At one point we had to make a choice: charge more and give that very personal service to those who could afford it, or, create a system that made it easier for more people to help while still giving great customer service at a really good price. We figured since most of you are 'horse-poor' like us ;-) you'd prefer it if we could keep the costs down. Long story short, if we try to 'buck' the systems we have in place by making exceptions to the rules, it winds up costing us a lot of time and hence, money. :-| We know the majority of you don't want us to boost the prices just because some customers are unwilling to work with the system we've put into place. (We all need to work together to make this site as good and economical as possible!)

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I'm advertising a herd dispersal/mare with foal at side/four horses and can't afford the extra cost of advertising more than one horse. Can I just pay for one ad?

Our prices for ads are SO EXTREMELY affordable (additional horses added at the same time are only half the cost of the first ad), this should hardly ever be an issue. We realize you may be in financial straits and for this reason we try to accommodate exceptions. Examples of exceptions follow:

Example One
Herd Reduction:
40 horses, geldings, mares, yearlings, foals and one breeding stallion. Quarter horses and Arabs. Some broke to ride. Prices from $500 to $10,000. Call for details.

Example Two
Mare and Foal:
Andalusian mare sired by (stallion's name goes here) out of (dam's name goes here) with filly foal at side. Mare is broke to ride and drive and is a great mom with excellent bloodlines. Selling together; if not sold before filly is weaned will be selling separately and price will rise accordingly. $8000 Please call after 6PM MDT. Thanks!

Example Three
Four Registered Quarter Horse Mares: I have four unstarted registered quarter horse mares all sired by (famous Quarter Horse stallion's name goes here). All are up-to-date on shots and farrier. One needs some special work on her feet (due to cracks). All go for $4000 or will trade for started horses. E-mail for details.

What is NOT allowed is listing two or more horses or items with specific details about each:

Herd Reduction of Quality Horses:
8 year old registered QH grey mare, 15.3hh. Used mainly as a broodmare, but is broke to ride. Confirmed in foal to registered Andalusian stallion for June 2006. Excellent bloodlines, this mare is very correct with pretty head, good bone, big mover; will produce beautiful and athletic sport horses. Baths, clips, regular farrier, deworming, and vaccinations. Asking $6500. Also for sale, 2005 chestnut Arab filly with lots of chrome! Broke to lead and handled daily by children. Both sire and dam have wonderful dispositions; dam is a lesson horse. Will mature at around 15hh. Asking $800. Please email for pictures and more information.

Customer service is a prime directive for us! Our customers continually tell us how much they appreciate this level of service. Posting your horses separately allows us to offer you a high level of Classified Ad customer service for a very economical price. If you post all your horses in one ad, it will take us more time to supply a quality customer service and we will have to charge much more for classified ads.

Think about this; if you don't post items individually with lots of details, you will spend your time fielding questions from all the callers and persons e-mailing to find out more. How valuable is your time? Is it really not worth spending the small amount of extra dollars to post your horses individually?

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I am having trouble up-loading pictures - what do I do?

Occasionally customers have difficulties uploading pictures to our server. Make sure your picture file is less than 800 kb before you begin the ad submission process. If your picture file is larger than the recommended file upload (800 kb) you will receive an error message letting you know. Sometimes your file is smaller than the recommended size but you may receive a time-out error.

If you are on a dial-up connection or sometimes even with a satellite connection, you may run into a timeout or connectivity interruption resulting in an error message.

If you are absolutely not able to upload your picture through the form process, e-mail the file(s) to us at moc.eniuqeadanac@sdeifissalc. When you e-mail the picture(s), please also include your invoicing address. We will e-mail an invoice to you which you can pay by on-line by credit card through PayPal or, if paying by cheque, ask us to let you know the exact amount you will need to make the cheque for.

PLEASE NOTE: Adding photos after the ad has been submitted takes us longer to do the work and will also result in delays in posting your ad. Photos added later are usually $15.00 per picture instead of the on-line rate of $11.00 per picture.

We are very willing to provide this extra service to those who have bonafide technical challenges. If you encounter a technical challenge you must let us know and e-mail your photos immediately to avoid extra charges. If this service is abused, it may result in extra charges in the future.

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I want to add a picture to my ad later. What do I do?

If you don’t include a picture with your ad submission you may find that you are spending a lot of time sending pictures out individually because people want to know more about your horse’s looks (a picture says a thousand words!). If you decide to add a picture after you have submitted your classified ad, e-mail the file(s) to us at moc.eniuqeadanac@sdeifissalc. When you e-mail the image(s), also include your invoicing address. We will e-mail an invoice to you which you can pay by on-line by credit card through PayPal or, if paying by cheque, ask us to let you know the exact amount you will need to make the cheque for.

PLEASE NOTE: Posting pictures after the fact requires a lot of extra work on our part. For this reason they are added at a cost of $15.00 per picture instead of the on-line rate of $11.00 per picture.

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I don’t have a digital picture – mine is a photograph. What do I do?

"We can scan your photograph and turn it into a digital image for the ad. We have the technology! ;-) You will need to mail the photo to us (contact us for a mailing address if it isn't on the invoice) and if you want it returned, you MUST send a self-addressed envelope with the correct postage on it so we can easily get the photograph back to you. There may be an extra charge for this service. This service is provided at a cost of $15.00 per picture instead of the on-line rate of $11.00 per picture.

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How can I pay for my ads?

There are currently two methods available for making payment for your classified ads; by cheque (your ad is posted only after we receive the cheque) and on-line either by credit card through PayPal or by eCheck (NOT recommended as it takes 10 days for payment confirmation through this process). (For answers to questions regarding the security of making on-line payments and other privacy-related answers, please review our ‘Privacy’ FAQs.

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