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Frequently Asked Questions : EquiMap



What is EquiMap?

EquiMap is an exclusive interactive map system developed by Pondside Digital Media Inc. for the Canada Equine ...On-Line network of sites. This feature integrates with the event and business directory listings to enhance the visitor experience. Visitors to the site can easily locate events in the Event Schedule and businesses in the Product and Service Directory via the interactive maps. There is an EquiMap for both the Event Schedule and the Product and Service Directory.

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How do I move the EquiMap?

View map moving video

Changing what you see on the map is easy to do. With the left mouse button click and hold on the map; move the mouse around and the map will drag with the mouse cursor. Also, you can double left click on the map and it will then center the view with the location you double left clicked on.

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How do I zoom in and out?

View zooming video

In the top left hand corner of the map you will see two buttons, one with a plus sign, and the other with a minus sign. When you click on the plus sign button the map zooms in, and then the other button causes the map to zoom out. If it doesn't seem to be doing anything that either means you are zoomed in or out as far as you can go, or the images still have to load.

Please note that if you are on dial-up, things may take time as the entire map will have to load again at the new zoom level.

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How do I get more info?

Throughout the map you will see various icons. Those icons represent listings in the directory or events. Simply click on one and an information speech bubble will display. Once you are finished with the bubble, you can close it by either clicking on another icon on the map or by clicking on the "X" in the top right hand corner of the bubble.

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How do I add my business/event location on the EquiMap?

If you have a business/event that you would like to see posted on the map it is not hard to set up at all.

To add an event listing go here.
The directory EquiMap is not currently set up, please watch for a link in the future.

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How do I remove my business/event location from the EquiMap?

All you have to do is contact us, and we will remove your location from the map.

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How do I change the location of my business/event on the EquiMap?

If you go back to the email we first sent you, just follow the instructions again. If you lost that email, just contact us and we can send one again.

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